Vent Silencer

Vent Silencer

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Exhaust fluid silencers under pressure are usually employed to check noise coming from the steam, air, natural gas, azote, oxygen and other gaseous fluids exhaust to the atmosphere with a pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure.

These equipments are usually set up downstream interception valves, which  connect a   tank  or a piping holding the fluid under pressure and the atmosphere. The opening of these valves generally causes a sonic outflow running, that is a critical pressure drop and produces an extremely high sound level, not easy to tolerate.

The application of the silencer before the outflow to the atmosphere changes the exhaust conditions of the line, introduces a gradual and controlled counter pressure and so modifies the relation among the pressures.

So a gradual expansion of the fluid exhausted is possible.The atmospheric conditions are gradually reached and the sound level produced is highly reduced.

Technical Features

The silencers are made of a cylindrical, carbon or stainless steel, external body, where the expanders battery takes place. Through it the fluid undergoes a gradual pressure reduction. When the fluid-dynamic conditions of the process don’t allow high levels of counterpressure produced through the silencer, avoiding the maximum acoustic efficacy, another attenuation phase is linked together to the expansers battery inside the silencer.

It’s a sound absorption silencer type, which produces a further sound attenuation through absorbing of energy of the sound-waves in a deadening material

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Exhaust Steam Silencer

The following example refers to the setting up of a silencer at a safety valve exhaust which protects a cylindrical body of a heat recovery steam generator.


– Capacity                 : 30 t/h

– Temperature         : 230 °C

– Pressure                : 17 bar

– Counterpressure  : 3 bar

Without compromising the exhaust and safety conditions of the vent, the setting up of the silencer has allowed a reduction of the global sound level of 30 dB(A).


Sound pressure level without silencer : 115 dB(A)

Sound pressure level with silencer       : 85 dB(A)



Vent Silencer

Vent Silencer

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Vent Silencer in UAE

Vent Silencer in Gulf

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Vent Silencer suppliers

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Vent Silencer suppliers in UAE

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