Ceramic Blanket

Blanket is high strength, needled insulating blanket. The combination of long spun fibers and needling operation produce tough, resilient and strong blankets. which resist earing both before and after heating. Blanket is completely inorganic and available in a variety of temperature grades, densities, and sizes. L blanket can be folded, compressed and encapsulated to produce modules.


  • Excellent  thermal  shock  resistance

  • Excellent   thermal   stability

  • High  tensile   strength
  • Low thermal  conductivity
  • Low heat storage

Typical Applications

  • Pipe wrap
  • Furnace and kiln back-up insulation
  • Chimeny   insulation
  • Annealing furnace linings
  • Process heater linings

Typical Parameters

The data shown are typical average results of tests under standard procedures and are subject to variation. Results should not be used for specification purposes or creating any contractual obligation. For more information on the safety application or materials, please  referto the work practices and material safety data sheet.