Expansion Belows

Expansion Joint Standards and Codes : EJMA/ASME/TEMA
Manufactures : HKR

expansion belows
Flexible Hose

Composition if a flexible hose

A flexible hose is generally composed of metal hose, braids, and end fittings such as unions, flanges, nipples, and sockets.


Metalic Expansion Joint

Single Type Expansion Joint-Un Tied (MSN)

The simplest form of expansion joint, of single bellows construction, designed to absorb all of the movements of the pipe section in which it is installed.

According to operated pressure of a device, this model is manufactured with or without the shrink ring.


Rubber Expansion Joint

Spool Type:

A full face integral flange design is available in both Single Arch and Multiple Arch Types. These basic types can be manufactured to meet the requirements of the related Code and Standards. These types are available in several construction design series, based on the application pressure requirement.